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What is Children’s Dentistry?

Our children’s oral health starts before their birth, with the formation of teeth. We recommend check-ups starting at 3 years of age (unless you start to see brown spots on your child’s teeth).

Building a trusting relationship with the dentist early in this stage of the child’s life will create better oral hygiene throughout the child’s life.

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It is incredibly important to maintain the health of the primary (baby) teeth. Neglected teeth can and frequently do lead to long-term problems including: 

  • Improper chewing and eating ability
  • Collapse of space preventing permanent teeth from erupting into the correct position
  • Development abnormalities of the jaw bones and muscles (which often prevents your child from being able to focus and concentrate leading to issues with speech, learning, and self-esteem)

Dental Check-ups

In the dental exam, Dr. Brad will take a detailed look at your child’s teeth and gums to check for cavities or other issues.

Dr. Brad will identify potential problems and recommend any necessary treatments, and home care routines to prevent future issues. If any treatment is recommended, we will make sure you understand the reasons why it’s necessary.

Our dentists and dental assistants always use techniques and terminology that match your child’s age. We also make sure our care is tailored to making children feel safe so there’s no fear or anxiety.

When your child comes in for regular dental check-ups and cleanings, it helps him or her know that coming to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary. Getting your child accustomed to dental visits also helps them grow into a lifelong, safe dental practices.

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