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What is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening your teeth is one of the key steps in achieving a brilliant smile. It’s important to consider the benefits whitening offers, like looking more confident and better preventing dental issues like stains.

At the forefront of a successful smile is a healthy, white smile. It’s vital to consider the benefits of teeth whitening as it can provide a more confident appearance and caring for your teeth. Teeth whitening has been around for centuries, but with modern technology, it has become even more effective.

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Teeth whitening is among the most popular cosmetic procedures. It is an excellent way to improve one’s appearance by eliminating discoloration and stains on the teeth. Additional benefits of teeth whitening may include improving self-esteem, reducing sensitivity, and preventing cavities.

It’s pivotal to consider the benefits of teeth whitening as it can provide a more confident appearance and can also improve oral health.

The World Health Organization states that the benefits of teeth whitening can include a more confident appearance, smoother teeth, and improved oral health. Enamel is created by calcium, phosphorus, fluoride and other minerals that come from the foods we consume. Stains can hinder these nutrients from reaching your teeth which can lead to tooth decay. Teeth whitening products work by removing these stains to reveal the natural color of your teeth.

Why Teeth Whitening?

As we age, our teeth naturally get darker in color and over time, stain embeds itself in the surface of the tooth and it cannot be brushed away.

Like stain in the fabric of a white shirt, often you can remove the stain from a tooth with bleach, which goes deeper in the surface and removes the stain. You can find these bleaching products at the store or when you visit your dentist.

The teeth whitening products at the store have a concentration of bleach that is much lower, so the effect is not as dramatic. We can provide you with custom bleaching trays and high concentration bleaching agents that will have the greatest effect for whitening your teeth.

How does teeth whitening at the dentist work?

The dentist will usually give you a whitening gel to apply themselves. The gel is a very concentrated mixture of hydrogen peroxide and a few other ingredients to help it stay active for a longer period of time. The dentist will then apply the whitening solution to your teeth and let it sit there for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

Since in-store teeth whitening is usually not effective enough for dramatic results, you can come to Lance Family Dental and have us perform professional teeth whitening. We offer Opalescence Whitening products in different forms. Spend less than thirty minutes a day to see dramatic whitening results.

opalescence Lance Family Dental - Best Dentist in Festus, MO
opalescence Lance Family Dental - Best Dentist in Festus, MO

The most common side effect with tooth whitening is tooth sensitivity during the bleaching process.  We offer options to reduce this sensitivity. Please ask us about tooth whitening the next time you visit us and we will help make your teeth even whiter!

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